Sports Mashup !

Here is the assignment for my “Sports Mashup”, I created this using clips from google and converting them into files that Windows Movie Maker would allow me to use and edit. I also added a title and ending slide to give a couple messages before and after the videos. The story behind my montage is that all of the players I used, such as Stephen Curry of Jabari Parker are players that fans and critics talked down upon and counted them out. But each of them payed their haters no attention and kept on working and working and now that are at the top of their games and killing the competition. I look up to them specifically for it!

Stephen Curry had no rank coming out of high school, he didn’t have any big Division 1 offers. Only a few minor D1 and D2 schools. No one seen the small 6 foot 2 point guard as anything but a small body with a little talent. Davidson University gave him the chance, over his few years there he didn’t gain any weight or height but what he did gain was confidence. He started to kill the competition his junior year, averaging 28.6 points per game. Now everybody was seeing how much of a threat he really was. NBA teams started to notice him and he became the 7th overall pick to the Golden State Warriors. He got better every single year since and is now the reigning NBA MVP and also won the 2015 NBA Championship. He silenced all the haters and now has everybody on his side.

Jabari Parker was a little different, coming out of high school he was the number one recruit. He had basically every major Division 1 school knocking at his door begging him to come to their program. He chose Duke University where he became the Freshman of the Year. Drafted number 2 to the Milwaukee Bucks, he was a shoe in for Rookie of the Year but…. he got hurt. He tore his ACL and was out for the rest season. Now the guy who was once on top, had hit rock bottom and everybody changed on him, forgot about him. But that didn’t stop Parker, he got healthy did everything he had to do for his knee. Worked hard all off season for his chance back in the NBA and now he has been killing the NBA with his flashy plays. He is the perfect example of the saying “it’s not about how hard you get hit, it’s about how hard you get hit, and get back up.”

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