Weekly Summary 9

This week wasn’t to bad at all, being able to listen to everyone’s radio shows and compare them to my own was fun. Seeing how everyone put their own spin on radio talk shows was interesting. So many different outcomes, I don’t think one show really out did any of the others. They all had ups and downs which made them unique.

The assignments this week  weren’t to bad, the hardest one was using the X-ray, just because I had never done it before. The other two I did no problem, I already had an idea of how I would do them. Creating a Daily Create Story was weird, because of the fact that they all have nothing at all to do with each other making my story have no sort of meaning. I think I did okay under those circumstances if I say so myself!

Ready for all of the rest of the weeks to come!!

Daily Creates :

Daily Create 1

Daily Create 2

Daily Create 3

Daily Create 4

Daily Create Story


Grumpy Desperado’s Reflection

Digital Storyfellers Reflection

Digital Tool

How it all began



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