Weekly Summary #5

This week is DS106 I actually learned something new about myself that I never would have thought. I really like photography. I never actually paid attention to it until it was assigned to me. I love how pictures are taken, the different ways they can be shot, all of the different stories that they tell. Being able to take one simple still photo, but yet you see so many other ways of looking at it is amazing. Along with that I learned how to become a better photographer which will help out my blog tremendously and hopefully get a couple more likes on Instagram! Haha. At first it was a bit of a challenge to think about what to take pictures of but once I thought of one they all just came rushing to my head.

The Assignments this week were very fun, it gave me a chance to be as creative as I could be. Which at first I thought I had ZERO creativity what’s so ever, but I started to see things in my head and get ideas that were pretty cool. From making the poster of Steph Curry to doing the Photo Blitz I enjoyed.

I was also cool to look at everyone else’s pictures that they had taken because I like to compares mine to theirs. I don’t know why but everything tome is a competition mine has to be better than someone else’s! But I have to admit after seeing theirs mine came 2nd to a lot of them. But I didn’t mind because the way that I see something, isn’t the same way that they see it. That showed in our pictures.

I didn’t have any issues with anything this week, I figured out everything that I needed to. Flickr took a little time but I got through it. It’s all a learning process and I’m getting better and better.


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