Weekly Summary 10

This weekly focused on Video, which I actually enjoyed because I got to showcase myself a little more which is ALWAYS a fun thing to do. I learned a lot about film making and what goes into it, things like zooms and camera angles that I never even thought about were brought to my attention. I didn’t really have any trouble with things this week because I had the right tools to get things done.

This week it brought to my attention more of movie/film making is a much more serious and difficult deal than I ever imagined. I never knew it could be as big of a deal as it was, but I quickly was proved wrong and have to tip my hat to all directors and producers because they surely have their hands full!

I have gotten some good feedback on my posts from a couple class mates and they have given me different ideas of how to make my content better. Which I have to make sure I take into account so I can get this blog better and better than I hope it already is ! 😉

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Look. Listen. Analyze

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