Video Reflections

Ira Glass talks about two main points in Part 1 of the podcast which where he talks about “the anecdote” and then there is the second main point which is “moment of reflection”. Podcast usually have one or the other, rarely will anyone have both. He talks about how broadcasting is different from regular story telling there isn’t just a certain routine to follow because that would be boring.  While telling the story the listener should be able to have a lot of questions while the story is going on. It should make them curious but also be understanding of the story at the same time.

In part two, Ira talks about finding a story, and how important it is to fine tune it and not go base it on whether or not it is correct. But just being able to find something to talk about without losing listeners interest.

Jad Abumrad’s “How Radio Creates Empathy”.

He explains how he could be telling a story while on the radio, just a simple story but he paints pictures in the listeners heads. He used the words “Co-authorship” and “Co-imagining” saying how the person who hears him speak is also technically an author because they take it the way they want and see in/imagine it in their own heads and in a way rewrite the story in their minds.



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