Reading Movies

Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie”:

Ebert’s view of reading a movie was unlike anything I have ever even thought about. His analysis goes does all the way into how to view a character. He says that the characters on the right side of the image are positive, and characters on the left are negative. This at first I thought no way, then I started watching a few YouTube videos and this is exactly TRUE! It made me laugh because I had never even looked at something like this.

Basically to read a movie or video you have to study every little second of it. Listen to the audio, watch the video and think into things that no one else would. Camera angles and zooms give away a lot of what the story is trying to tell. Paying attention to the little things can really help you take much more away from something small and make it bigger.

All in all Ebert is a GENIUS! and brought to my attention that film making and producing/directing is much deeper than turning a camera on and recording something. It takes a lot of thought to get that perfect picture and point you want to get across.


This short video was really cool because it gave you a couple seconds of MANY different movies. All coming from one camera angle, it was sort of a first person view of a person laying of the floor looking up at all the actors. It felt like I was being talked down to by each and everyone of them. It never changed angles it just changed movie clips and mixed them all together to sort of tell a story.

The Shining:

This focuses mainly on the zooms of the movie, Zooming in when wanted to focus and build up anticipation but also zooming out when it wanted to capture the whole picture and surroundings. The music made it really creepy I was waiting for one of them camera to zoom in and scare me to death.


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