Photo Blitz

I chose to do my photo blitz in my mothers basement while I was home visiting. I chose to do it because their is so many random things going on throughout the house because of the grand kids and all of the family that comes in and out. It was weird at first because I was rushing around trying to make sure I got at least 5 pictures in the 20 minutes. But once I slowed down and started to just think of ideas they all came pretty easy to me. The photos that were the hardest were the converging lines picture and the metaphor photo, I couldn’t think of ANYTHING for those. After looking at the pool of photos I liked the ones of the Xbox and controller by “rmstanford 23”, the picture of the pencils by “adamlostonpatrol” , and the picture of the peach by “adoesneuropsych” just because they all were so simple but they were taken well enough to look like more than they were.

Link to my PhotoBlitz photos! Flickr PhotoBlitz

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