How it all began!

road-363265_640-350x350This basketball team came together over many years, they had all went to different school districts, but somehow they all knew of one another. One of them a captain he was a natural born leader, taken his high school team to states over and everyone knew him. The next member was a knock down shooter, he could make shots from all around the court. On the other side of town they all knew of this little short guard that could handle the ball like no other, nobody was taking it from him. To finish up the 5 there was these two brothers that could rebound and block shots with the best of them, both weighing in at 6’8 245, made them unstoppable in the paint. A old high school coach noticed all of their talent and decided to create and AAU team to travel all around the US playing against top talent. So the coach contacted them all and of course each one of them was down for it. Quickly they mashed together and built chemistry, becoming good friends would help them out on the court a great deal. Over the summer of their AAU season they were undefeated, getting all the way to the championship game and winning it their very first year as an organization. Each one of the 5 players earned Division 1 scholarships by the end of the summer. They owed everything to the old coach that had gotten them together.

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