Grumpy Desperado’s Reflection

The beginning the speaker sounds very mellow, doesn’t sound very interested at all. The background music is very loud and different, doesn’t sound like it goes with the show very well. I can;t really hear him at all.

The first commercial sounded very Halloween like and scary I enjoyed it!

The Second story I thought that there was to many background noises and hard to hear. It was cool how they told the story together though. Sound effects I thought were creepy an put in at good times.

Third Story was to hard to hear and understand. I wish the speaker had opened up their vocal cords a little more! It was still fine though.

The ending the music was too loud, and didn’t go with the story much at all. For this scary radio show they chose a very upbeat pop song I thought was weird. Overall I give them a 3.2 out of 5 because they worked really well together and had a nice creepy show.


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