Digital Storyfellers Reflection

This radio reflection is on my own group, “The Digital Storyfellers”, I actually thought that ours wasn’t to bad at all for guys that never worked together before.

The beginning Caleb I thought spoke very clearly and was easy to understand. There wasn’t isn’t background noise. Playing the music in between the two segments was a great idea I think. I liked the way that he introduced myself (James Baylor) to the show. I didn’t notice until after I had turned my audio way up you can hear some background noise of the TV coming from down the hall. Other than that I had to read off a page so that I wouldn’t mess up my lines. I could have sounded more enthusiastic, but I was more focused on the story than anything. My mic that I was using was the best that I had, everything else sounded much worse.

The transition to Chris’s commercial sounded fine. Very clear and easy to hear. Background music added a nice touch to it. On to my bumper that once again sounded pretty bad because of the mic issues.

Chris’s story I thought it was pretty cool how he was creative enough to change his voice. It sounds different, and kind of slows up compared to the rest of the show, but its the end so I think it brought our show to a close perfectly.


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