I was assigned to create a “DesignBlitz”. I had to take 4 categories out of 10 and get pictures to represent all of them. At first, I had no idea how to incorporate the categories into photos, but in the end I think! HOPEFULLY

COLOR: I took a picture of myself while I was waiting to play a basketball game. Because I noticed all of colors that I had on and the colors in the gymnasium, so I took a photo and it came out really cool. Everything really POPS!

UNITY: I thought it would be hilarious to set my two nephews in the trunk of my car. They were having a blast playing with a basketball and I thought to myself, I had to take a picture! I think that it is a perfect example of unity, because they are twins so together they are ONE.

FORM/FUNCTION/MESSAGE: I took a picture of my Associates Degree that I got in the mail this week, I thought that It would a great example of something that shows a message. I think that it tells a message to people that if you actually try you can do anything. I was a TERRIBLE high school student, I never thought I would be in college until I put my mind to it and got a degree, now I am working towards my bachelors.

USE OF SPACE: For this category I took a picture of a mix tape cover. For the simple fact that I think it is so cool how designers can put so many things into one small photo and make it look like more than it actually it.


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