Having a Conversation With Yourself!

Here’s my assignment for “Have a Conversation With Yourself”. I wasn’t really excited about doing this because I am a very shy person and hate recording myself! I found it very awkward and weird having a conversation with myself I have no idea how Eddie Murphy or other actor could do this! I couldn’t think of a topic but then I thought, HEY! why not just make the topic about doing my ds106 videos? So that’s what I did, took me many many takes to do it, battery on my camera almost died it took so long. I finally got all the clips I needed and imported them to my computer simply via USB. Copied all of them into my Windows Movie Maker and rearranged them to how I needed and uploaded it to YouTube. I have to say after I recorded all my clips everything else was pretty simple.

I have to say it was super weird watching myself….talk.. to myself? lol

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