Fabulous Life of a Couch!















All day and all night, I am sitting here collecting dust. From morning time to night I have sweaty old guys laying on me, kids running and jumping on top of me. And don’t even think about people cleaning me up once in a while, I swear if you shake my cushions you can find at least 100 bucks. Stains from the 80’s because nobody wants clean me, until the very sad day when they buy a whole new couch and I have to go to the dump! As loyal as I am to them and still I get no respect whats so ever. Just once, one time in my whole life I would like to see someone actually clean up the drinks they spill on me. But hey I’m tired of telling all of the bad things, I would love to show you some of the great things that comes along with being a couch! Here’s a quick video of some times that might make you smile, best part is, I get to be apart of all of them.

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Hope you liked my little message to you, and maybe you will take notes and actually listen to me! I even gave you a little clue of where you could find some money. 🙂

Now I want you show you a prime example of what I am talking about in this GIF that I created for you. I said not to let your kids jump on me, but I forgot that one time. WHEN YOU LET YOUR FRIENDS GOATS JUMP ON ME!! This was a sad day for all of us couches.

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I have to admit that I do get a little lonely sitting here all day long when your not here, I get a bit excited when you finally get home because then I can have something to do. I was wondering could you possibly leave the TV on for me? I really like to watch my soap operas, also like some Spongebob but that might be being picky.

Well I hope that you get to see my side of things. Im not saying that I need special treatment or to be wrapped in plastic like some people do to my couch cousins. (which I think is weird) but just to listen and we can come to some sort of compromise. You let me know and I will leave you another voice message anytime you need! Thank you for having me and I will be in your living room when you need me. 🙂