The Shape of Stories

When Vonnegut was explaining the most popular story of having highs and lows. I immediately thought of A LOT of movies that I had seen with the same exact plot. The movie I chose is one of my favorites, “Coach Carter”. It’s about a group of high school kids that live in the projects, they don;t really have much, the only thing they can count on is basketball. They never won many games but that didn’t matter because being on the court was their only get away.  Then Coach Ken Carter comes along as a brand new coach and turns them into winners and helps them see the light, that they can do more in life and get out of the projects and make their lives better. This is a perfect example of what Vonnegut was saying in his exercise.

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A different example of Digital Story telling that I recently seen is a video on YouTube describing how the basketball life goes in Washington, DC and the DMV area. Devin Williams a famous basketball trainer travels around the U.S going to different states, learning how the basketball scene goes. Here is a Link to the video, Check it Out!


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