“A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” Reflection

After reading Campbell’s “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” and watching the video I love the way his mind works and what he thinks about the whole world of technology. Kids my age and younger are all taught from when we enter elementary school how to use and work a computer. That is all we know and to this day all of us stay connected to one and other online. Whether it is searching online, downloading music, or on social media, we are on the web doing something. But our elders like our teachers or parents didn’t have that resource that we had so if they don’t learn about it then they don’t know about it, so they teach us the way that they know.

Some teachers do not even go online and connect with their students unless they have to. But for others, much like “DS106” it could be the total opposite and everything that they would do in class is online and students can have that resource. That is where cyberinfrastructure comes into play, it opens a door to a whole other world for students. Not only lets them be inspired and acquire different lessons but it would help them in the future.

Cyberinfrastructure paves the way for how the future is going to go. Campbell is speaking on behalf of everyone who is technology savvy but to those who are not yet quite there, he shows that with little effort they could also become pros of using technology. Sooner than later the classrooms will be totally empty, the world will change and all classes will be taught online. The in class meetings will start to fade away and Campbell knows that.

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