First Digital Assignment!

“Say it like the peanut butter!”

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Description: This is the first ever GIF I made. I see them all the time and love to watch them but personally I never made one. This was a fun assignment to do and didn’t even feel like homework. The movie I chose was “Ride Along” with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. It is the scene from when they are at a shooting range testing weapons.

The Story: “Ride Along” is a movie about a man (Kevin Hart) who has always wanted to be a cop. Luckily his soon to be wife’s brother (Ice Cube) is a great cop so he thinks that if he can impress her brother then he can kill two birds with one stone by becoming a cop and also getting Ice Cubes blessing to marry his sister. In this scene is when Ice Cube takes Keven Hart to the gun range so he can get a little practice with weapons. But Kevin starts to brag about how he needs to use the bigger weapons and then… This happens!

The Process: I chose to use Imgur to make my first ever GIF. It as pretty simple all I had to do was choose my video and it uploaded very quickly. It allowed me to choose which time on the video I wanted to use, so I just had to choose where it started and finished. After that I just simply saved it and it had the codes and links all waiting for me to use for any site I wanted.





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  1. Great movie choice and great scene/clip. It is very funny watching a GIF of Kevin Hart shooting a shotgun. It looks well done and is the perfect length of time for this specific clip. I have not used Imgur, so now that I have been introduced to it, I may try it next time.

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