Week 15 & Finals!

This class over the last semester, has been… bittersweet! At first I really though about dropping it because I didn’t really know much and I also was very shy and didn’t want people too see me on video or here me talking. But I would have to say that i am glad that I stuck with it, It really brought me out of y element and I learned a heck  of a lot. I now have MANY tools that I can use for all of my other classes to come here at UMW.

Here is the link to my final assignment!

Fabulous life of a Couch

Also here are the links to my tutorials!

Best Sports Play GIF (Imgur Tutorial)

Customize a Pair of Shoes (Nikeid Tutorial)


Once again I would like to thank you for everything over this semester. This class is actually very fun and I will be telling all of my friends about it. It brings out a creative side in people that for one I thought that I didn’t have at all. Now I find myself doing some assignments just for the fun of it, see how good I could do on them. This class has will defiantly make my life easier in the long run.

And for that, to you Ms.Polack…


Weekly Summary 13&14

These last two weeks have been…. DIFFERENT! I just recently got my brand new Macbook Air, I am officially a MAC person now! I love it very much but learning how to do everything on here was a bit frustrating I should say, editing photos are a bit fun though. There are a lot of apps that I can use to get things done now. I also hear that video editing on Mac’s is a great experience, so for the upcoming weeks I am pretty excited to do these assignments!

This week I learned a lot more about Remix and Mashups than I thought that I already knew, well for one I thought they were the same thing, like synonyms. But I most definitely was wrong, their are many studies on the subjects that I read over. Many which said the same things over and over but still came out with some unknown information. I think I explained it pretty well and gave great examples in my assignments!

Daily Creates:

Daily Create 1

Daily Create 2

Daily Create 3

Daily Create 4

Daily Create 5

Daily Create 6


Remix vs Mashups Reflection

Focus on One Color(Remix Generator)

Video Game Cover Mashup

Mashing Friends an Emoji’s

Weekly Summary 11/12

These last two weeks weren’t to hard. I learned a lot more about Windows Movie Maker than I already knew. I liked the fact that I got to put my own creativity into the videos and use my topic or theme for them. I learned that I really like making montages and highlight videos, I was thinking about making another YouTube channel strictly for that and seeing how many views and subscribers I could get. I think it would be pretty cool, so I can actually say that these two weeks have broadened my horizons! And introduced me to something that I never thought I would like doing.

Daily Creates:

Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2

Daily Create #3

Daily Create #4

Daily Create #5

Daily Create #6


Having a Conversation With Yourself

Play it backwards

Compilation Video

Sports Mashup

Moving Object

Weekly Summary #3

This week in DS106 flew by rather fast! I think it is cool how it doesn’t even feel like it’s a class, more like a big community that learns more and more about each other every day. I would say that it is going pretty well so far but definitely not perfect. Trying to learn all the tricks and trades of my blog is harder than I thought it would be. Tweaking everything to get it just right takes a long time for me for some odd reason. The fact that we get to put our own spin on most of the assignments has to be the best part. Also looking at others to see how they went about explaining their meaning of storytelling, I realize that everyone has their own definition for it.

How well do I feel I completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

  • I feel that I completed them correctly and really enjoyed adding my personal thoughts to them, it really makes the assignments more fun to do.

What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn?

  • What gave me the most trouble this week was only trying to put the 5 Photos for my story on my page. The editor on the dashboard was really hard and annoying, it isn’t like Microsoft word where you can move the pictures around in a perfect spot where you want them. It was by far the most frustrating thing I have done so far. I wish it was more user friendly than it is.
  • What I enjoyed the most was getting to put my own spin on the assignments.
  • I learned a lot about Storytelling as a whole and how it combines to Digital Storytelling. While also learning about the other students definitions of storytelling and what it means to them in their lives.

What would you do differently? What questions to you have?

  • The only thing I would differently is try to add my photos on a different way because the editor on the dashboard is really difficult when you are adding media, well in my experience. I also have one question, how do I just set my main page to being my “About me” page then having to click the categories to go to the other content I have added?


Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2

Daily Create #3

Daily Create #4


Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

Tell a Story in 5 Frames

The Shape of Stories

Storytelling to Me

Weekly Summary #2

How well do I feel I completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

  • I feel that I completed the requirements of Week 2 to the best of my abilities! Learning and trying all of these knew things can be a little much at first but, taking them slow I realize that a lot of this is simple.

What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn?

  • The only thing that gave me trouble this week was learning how to work WordPress more. I have been trying to master it and get my blog looking great and still haven’t quite got there yet! What I enjoyed most was making the GIF for the first Assignment that was fun because I had always seen them on social media but never knew how to do them.  I learned a lot about W. Gardner Campbell and Michael Wesch and how they are basically the pioneers of online teaching. Also learned to download new plugins for my blog page.

What would you do differently? What questions to you have?

  • I wouldn’t do anything differently since I am still in the learning process. The only question that I have is why does WordPress sometimes not recognize the links of pictures and other media.

What are some of the larger issues surrounding your work? Cultural/Societal implications?

  • Only issues I have is not having a lot of time to do my work between basketball and being full time. But this is college and I will get through It like I always have!


Daily Creates –

First Digital Assignment




Weekly Summary #1

I joined the DS106 class a few days later because I figured, I did not want to learn about western civilization just yet. I wanted to stick to what I knew which was computers. I was very excited and thought what could this class teach me that I already didn’t? An then… I met WordPress! I had created al my accounts, Twitter, YouTube, Sound Cloud, and I even created a Flickr. Everything was going great because I had dealt with all these programs and websites before. Then came the “final boss” that I had to battle which was WordPress. I thought that it was going to be as simple as the rest, but man was I wrong. I fought with that thing for hours and it was definitely kicking my butt, but I started to get the hang of it and before I knew it I had figured it out. Embedding all of my pages to it was the hardest part because it just wouldn’t recognize my links. In the end I got it to work and just in time for the first week to end! I’m excited to see what else there is that I don’t know and hope to master it. Seeing that I’m pursuing a computer science major, I know this class will help me with all of my others!