How it all began!

road-363265_640-350x350This basketball team came together over many years, they had all went to different school districts, but somehow they all knew of one another. One of them a captain he was a natural born leader, taken his high school team to states over and everyone knew him. The next member was a knock down shooter, he could make shots from all around the court. On the other side of town they all knew of this little short guard that could handle the ball like no other, nobody was taking it from him. To finish up the 5 there was these two brothers that could rebound and block shots with the best of them, both weighing in at 6’8 245, made them unstoppable in the paint. A old high school coach noticed all of their talent and decided to create and AAU team to travel all around the US playing against top talent. So the coach contacted them all and of course each one of them was down for it. Quickly they mashed together and built chemistry, becoming good friends would help them out on the court a great deal. Over the summer of their AAU season they were undefeated, getting all the way to the championship game and winning it their very first year as an organization. Each one of the 5 players earned Division 1 scholarships by the end of the summer. They owed everything to the old coach that had gotten them together.

Weekly Summary 7&8

For this weekly summary we were supposed to do only one for the two weeks because we had a group project to create a radio show! Very fun assignment I can imagine that it was something new for all of us to experience together. Over the semester working with audio has gotten easier and easier as we go, I can’t say that it is something that I have grown to really love to do thought because , I don’t like to speak over microphones, one reason is because I’m a very shy person and I tend to stutter sometime and the other reason is I think that my voice sounds weird when its being played back to me. Weird yea tell me about it! But my view of audio has changed some and it is for the better. I still enjoy photography and design much more because I can be more creative with it.

When I started this class I thought it was going to be a breeze, much like other online classes that I have taken. But I quickly learned that you have to put a lot of work into this class. I found that I am spending most of my homework time for ds106! I joined the class a few days late so I really didn’t have any expectations for it, I actually didn’t really even know what the class was about. In the end I am happy I signed up for it, its fun and interactive.

Daily Creates:

Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2

Daily Create #3

Daily Create #4

Daily Create #5

Daily Create #6

Assignments and Radio Show Pieces:

Radio Commercial

Radio Show Reflection

Radio Sports Story

Digital Storyfellers Radio Bump

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Do you hear what I hear?


Radio Commercial

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My radio commercial I created using a YouTube clip and Audacity.

Radio Show Reflection

Creating a radio show was something that I never thought I would be doing. I’m a pretty shy person and don’t really speak out unless I know you well, and I have to admit I was nervous once I seen that we would have to do this. But after doing it, I can say it wasn’t that bad at all! Contacting all of my team members was simple they were all on top of things like they were supposed to be. We aimed to do a show focused on story telling (hence the name “The Digital Storyfellers), so each of us took a topic and talked about it. I’m satisfied with our work, and thought that we all worked together well and accordingly. Each team member held up their end and did what they were supposed to do, and our finished product can reflect that.

We chose to use email, google and text in a group chat about our project. Having each others number made it much easier, because if we had a question we would just shoot a text over the group chat and within a couple minutes you could have your answer. The hardest part about working in a group is just putting it all together its not just one persons project we all have to worry about each other but it worked out fine. I think that our show stayed within the boundaries that we wanted, we chose a format of what we wanted to do and stayed with it. Whoever listens to it I feel will enjoy it because they are getting multiple stories.

For my part I used a mic that is built into my “Dre Beats headphones”, I tried to use my computers integrated mic but it sounded terrible. At first when I started recording I was messing up over and over again whether it was stuttering or forgetting what to say, every time something happened! So I thought to myself, I needed to write it down so I could get it down pat. I took the time to write everything down that I wanted to say and rehearsed it a few times, after a couple takes I finally got through without messing up.

My section was sports, so the story that I decided to talk about was Lamar Odom. Odom has been going through a lot and has been in the news heavy the last few days because of an overdose he suffered in Nevada. So I spoke about him and his struggles over the last few years, because there is many people in the world that wouldn’t have gotten through half of what he has…

After finishing I mixed it all together in Audacity and emailed it over to one of my teammates to put together for the final product!

Digital StoryFellers Sports Story

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This was my story for our radio show. I decided to do a sports story because that is basically my life. I picked Lamar Odom and what he has been going through in his life as of lately. Strong man that has had it rough for the last few years with hopes of getting his life back on track! Listen a let me know what you think! THANK YOU

Radio bump for “Digital Storyfellers”

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