Look. Listen. Analyze

The camera work in this scene I believe is perfect, they took the time and caught all of the best possible angles they could. The camera cut to different angles 38 times in the short 3 minute scene. They switched back and fourth between the main character and the dog in the passenger seat, as well as getting a good look at their surroundings such as the cities buildings and roads. Really captivates the emptiness of the apocalypse that he is going through.

The audio during the scene is very specific, there is no music being played during the whole clip. I believe they wanted the viewers to get that serious feeling because he’s the only person around besides his dog. Sound effects of the car, gun and his dog is all you hear besides his voice. Just listening to the audio you would believe that he is having a conversation with a living person when he’s actually not. Towards the end you can start to hear the many echoes of the city such as wind, and the loud noises from his gun shots.

During this powerful scene you get many different perspectives of view as well as the clarity in volume. The producers hit it spot on by making it completely silent and just letting Will Smith’s voice be the only thing heard other than the wind, it gives it a more serious outcome. Being in a zombie Apocalypse where he is all alone with his dog, there would be nothing going on besides nature so that it wouldn’t have been smart to add any other background noises.

All in all the once you listen to it without a picture, then watch it with no audio, you get two completely different sides of the scene.You focus on different things and when you can put it all together it all makes sense. Camera angles and perfect audio together make the perfect scene. In this scene they made sure to capture every point of view possible.

Weekly Summary 9

This week wasn’t to bad at all, being able to listen to everyone’s radio shows and compare them to my own was fun. Seeing how everyone put their own spin on radio talk shows was interesting. So many different outcomes, I don’t think one show really out did any of the others. They all had ups and downs which made them unique.

The assignments this week  weren’t to bad, the hardest one was using the X-ray, just because I had never done it before. The other two I did no problem, I already had an idea of how I would do them. Creating a Daily Create Story was weird, because of the fact that they all have nothing at all to do with each other making my story have no sort of meaning. I think I did okay under those circumstances if I say so myself!

Ready for all of the rest of the weeks to come!!

Daily Creates :

Daily Create 1

Daily Create 2

Daily Create 3

Daily Create 4

Daily Create Story


Grumpy Desperado’s Reflection

Digital Storyfellers Reflection

Digital Tool

How it all began



Daily Create Story

My daily create story is kind of odd… Not going to make much sense at really but I am going to do my best. Starts off with the New York Knicks taking a trip to Miami!

Daily create story

Daily create story

And then they Got a call from Drake and told them a tongue twister.

and he also mentioned to them that he would never be calling them again because they never win basketball games anymore. Once they heard that they all started to cry and sing Drake’s new song “Hotline Bling”

Daily create story

Grumpy Desperado’s Reflection

The beginning the speaker sounds very mellow, doesn’t sound very interested at all. The background music is very loud and different, doesn’t sound like it goes with the show very well. I can;t really hear him at all.

The first commercial sounded very Halloween like and scary I enjoyed it!

The Second story I thought that there was to many background noises and hard to hear. It was cool how they told the story together though. Sound effects I thought were creepy an put in at good times.

Third Story was to hard to hear and understand. I wish the speaker had opened up their vocal cords a little more! It was still fine though.

The ending the music was too loud, and didn’t go with the story much at all. For this scary radio show they chose a very upbeat pop song I thought was weird. Overall I give them a 3.2 out of 5 because they worked really well together and had a nice creepy show.


Digital Storyfellers Reflection

This radio reflection is on my own group, “The Digital Storyfellers”, I actually thought that ours wasn’t to bad at all for guys that never worked together before.

The beginning Caleb I thought spoke very clearly and was easy to understand. There wasn’t isn’t background noise. Playing the music in between the two segments was a great idea I think. I liked the way that he introduced myself (James Baylor) to the show. I didn’t notice until after I had turned my audio way up you can hear some background noise of the TV coming from down the hall. Other than that I had to read off a page so that I wouldn’t mess up my lines. I could have sounded more enthusiastic, but I was more focused on the story than anything. My mic that I was using was the best that I had, everything else sounded much worse.

The transition to Chris’s commercial sounded fine. Very clear and easy to hear. Background music added a nice touch to it. On to my bumper that once again sounded pretty bad because of the mic issues.

Chris’s story I thought it was pretty cool how he was creative enough to change his voice. It sounds different, and kind of slows up compared to the rest of the show, but its the end so I think it brought our show to a close perfectly.


Find a Digital Tool

old1The online digital tool that I chose to review is called ImGur.com, it is a simple tool where you can upload funny pictures, simply convert video files to Gifs, or even make funny memes and share with others. All you have to do to upload pictures and create memes is click the “Upload Photos” button and pick the file from your computer which you want to use. To convert videos to Gifs you just have to find the video link you want to use, you can get it from YouTube or any other site with videos. Copy it and paste it into where it says paste, then it will take a sec and download it. From there you can choose which part of the video where you want it to start and finish. Once you’ve selected you can simply either save your creation or share it with your friends all over social media. This has been the best digital tool for me to use because it is so simple.