Weekly Summary 13&14

These last two weeks have been…. DIFFERENT! I just recently got my brand new Macbook Air, I am officially a MAC person now! I love it very much but learning how to do everything on here was a bit frustrating I should say, editing photos are a bit fun though. There are a lot of apps that I can use to get things done now. I also hear that video editing on Mac’s is a great experience, so for the upcoming weeks I am pretty excited to do these assignments!

This week I learned a lot more about Remix and Mashups than I thought that I already knew, well for one I thought they were the same thing, like synonyms. But I most definitely was wrong, their are many studies on the subjects that I read over. Many which said the same things over and over but still came out with some unknown information. I think I explained it pretty well and gave great examples in my assignments!

Daily Creates:

Daily Create 1

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Remix vs Mashups Reflection

Focus on One Color(Remix Generator)

Video Game Cover Mashup

Mashing Friends an Emoji’s

Having a Conversation With Yourself!

Here’s my assignment for “Have a Conversation With Yourself”. I wasn’t really excited about doing this because I am a very shy person and hate recording myself! I found it very awkward and weird having a conversation with myself I have no idea how Eddie Murphy or other actor could do this! I couldn’t think of a topic but then I thought, HEY! why not just make the topic about doing my ds106 videos? So that’s what I did, took me many many takes to do it, battery on my camera almost died it took so long. I finally got all the clips I needed and imported them to my computer simply via USB. Copied all of them into my Windows Movie Maker and rearranged them to how I needed and uploaded it to YouTube. I have to say after I recorded all my clips everything else was pretty simple.

I have to say it was super weird watching myself….talk.. to myself? lol

Play it Backwards!

I thought this video was funny when I was recording it of me playing with my nephews. But then after I reversed it and played it backwards I thought it was HILARIOUS. I don’t know what it is but seeing things in reverse makes them so much funnier.

I found and app for iPhones called “Vid Reverse”, it allows you to take a video from your phone and reverses the audio and video for you or one of the other if you would like. I would say that it came in super handy made this assignment much easier than expected. And also got a good laugh out of it!

NBA Compilation Video

The NBA Season has just recently started and already its off to an amazing start! The first few weeks have been very intense and there has been some exciting games. I picked and chose my favorite highlights so far which was crazy difficult. I can tell that it is going to be an exciting year for the NBA and the sport of basketball. If you don’t watch it I recommend giving it a chance, it is much more entertaining the other sports. Always constant action going on!

Making this was easy, I have really gotten the hang of Windows Movie Maker and editing the short clips. (I will be getting a MacBook soon so hopefully I learn iMovie just as easy!) Converting the videos from YouTube using a website ‘clipconverter.cc’ is simple and then I am able to do whatever I want with the clips. I hope I start to get a lot of views with my highlight tapes and compilation videos, I might have a nice YouTube page going!

Weekly Summary 10

This weekly focused on Video, which I actually enjoyed because I got to showcase myself a little more which is ALWAYS a fun thing to do. I learned a lot about film making and what goes into it, things like zooms and camera angles that I never even thought about were brought to my attention. I didn’t really have any trouble with things this week because I had the right tools to get things done.

This week it brought to my attention more of movie/film making is a much more serious and difficult deal than I ever imagined. I never knew it could be as big of a deal as it was, but I quickly was proved wrong and have to tip my hat to all directors and producers because they surely have their hands full!

I have gotten some good feedback on my posts from a couple class mates and they have given me different ideas of how to make my content better. Which I have to make sure I take into account so I can get this blog better and better than I hope it already is ! šŸ˜‰

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Reading Movies Reflections

Look. Listen. Analyze

What’s Your Skills?

Highlight Reels!

Reading Movies

Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie”:

Ebert’s view of reading a movie was unlike anything I have ever even thought about. His analysis goes does all the way into how to view a character. He says that theĀ characters on the right side of the image are positive, and characters on the left are negative. This at first I thought no way, then I started watching a few YouTube videos and this is exactly TRUE! It made me laugh because I had never even looked at something like this.

Basically to read a movie or video you have to study every little second of it. Listen to the audio, watch the video and think into things that no one else would. Camera angles and zooms give away a lot of what the story is trying to tell. Paying attention to the little things can really help you take much more away from something small and make it bigger.

All in all Ebert is a GENIUS! and brought to my attention that film making and producing/directing is much deeper than turning a camera on and recording something. It takes a lot of thought to get that perfect picture and point you want to get across.


This short video was really cool because it gave you a couple seconds of MANY different movies. All coming from one camera angle, it was sort of a first person view of a person laying of the floor looking up at all the actors. It felt like I was being talked down to by each and everyone of them. It never changed angles it just changed movie clips and mixed them all together to sort of tell a story.

The Shining:

This focuses mainly on the zooms of the movie, Zooming in when wanted to focus and build up anticipation but also zooming out when it wanted to capture the whole picture and surroundings. The music made it really creepy I was waiting for one of them camera to zoom in and scare me to death.


What’s Your Skills?

What’s Your Skills??? Was the name of this assignment. You were supposed to record something that you considered to be a skill. So I told my friends on the UMW Basketball team that I needed to record a skill of mine. They said lets show them how high you jump! I thought it was a great idea so we recorded one of my teammates throwing me an “alley-oop” and me dunking it. I consider this a skill because not a lot of people who are my height (6″1) can jump like I can, I surprise a lot of people! The process was simple really, I just recorded with my iPhone and edited it all on one of my favorite apps “Slo-pro” and made it look cooler than it actually was. Nice to be able to show off once in awhile!