Love At First Shot


LJ and Alexis were strangers all through high school. Never a “hello”, wave or anything. They had a couple classes together yet still no communication between them. The reason for this was LJ was very shy. He thought that Alexis was the most beautiful girl in school, but he never spoke to her because he did not want to get embarrassed. He thought she would laugh at him and turn him down. So he kept his distance, until senior year came along. LJ had played basketball every year since he was a freshman, but this year something changed. Alexis his crush, became the boys’ basketball team manager. LJ was shocked and nervous because he knew now he would sometimes have to talk to her. But at the same time he thought to his self this is his chance, it was time to make his move! So he began to talk to her, they became amazing friends. LJ knew he had to tell her his feelings to he did, and shockingly she felt the same! They started to get closer and closer, and he finally asked her to be his girlfriend. Of course she said yes! They have been together since then and it’s now it’s coming up on 4 years and the couple couldn’t be happier with one another!

The Ultimate Merger

Nike x YouTube Collaboration, I present “Just YouTube It”. I chose these two because they both play a huge part in my life. I’m on YouTube everyday and I can’t seem to get enough of Nike’s shoes! Enjoy

My Shoe Design

This by far had to be the best assignment so far, because shoes are like my passion. I been collecting them for the last 3-4 years and I just can’t get enough of them. Buying and selling is a great hobby to have if you know what your doing you can make a lot of money of of it. When I seen this was a assignment I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I took one of my favor sneaker silhouettes the “Kyrie 1” and made a memorable piece for my grandmother who died when I was a kid. So these are for her and I know she’d love them. I chose to make the shoe predominately red because it was her favorite color, the gold Nike check and Logo to represent the jewelry she would wear and the pink lining because she had breast cancer.


Listening to Stories

The podcasts begin with Ira Glass talking to different students of Columbia University and seeing how they got accepted to the school. Some of the students said that it was because of what their application was based on or a sport they played (gymnastics). Other students said it was because of their GPA or high SAT scores. While he was introducing the story you could hear the background music playing, and they let the guy tell the story himself. But also while the story is being told you can hear random sound effects that don’t really go along with the way they are speaking. The voices change between a man and woman giving you better perspective so you can hear it but also get a visual of it in your head.

Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

I chose the story “A Television Life”, I couldn’t find the authors name just “admin”. The story was funny because he wrote it based on a television’s point of view. He gave the TV its own personally and character which made it cool and different from others. There really wasn’t much else to it though, he told the story of a TV’s life from start when it was brand new fresh out the box, to the end when it was outdated and time for the owner to upgrade. This is definitely a story of its own and not of anything larger. This isn’t something you would look into with deep thought, it’s more just to entertain you for a quick moment.

Link to Story:


Much Deserved

My story in 5 frames, I don’t want to explain it because I would like for the photos to speak for themselves!

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First Digital Assignment!

“Say it like the peanut butter!”

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Description: This is the first ever GIF I made. I see them all the time and love to watch them but personally I never made one. This was a fun assignment to do and didn’t even feel like homework. The movie I chose was “Ride Along” with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. It is the scene from when they are at a shooting range testing weapons.

The Story: “Ride Along” is a movie about a man (Kevin Hart) who has always wanted to be a cop. Luckily his soon to be wife’s brother (Ice Cube) is a great cop so he thinks that if he can impress her brother then he can kill two birds with one stone by becoming a cop and also getting Ice Cubes blessing to marry his sister. In this scene is when Ice Cube takes Keven Hart to the gun range so he can get a little practice with weapons. But Kevin starts to brag about how he needs to use the bigger weapons and then… This happens!

The Process: I chose to use Imgur to make my first ever GIF. It as pretty simple all I had to do was choose my video and it uploaded very quickly. It allowed me to choose which time on the video I wanted to use, so I just had to choose where it started and finished. After that I just simply saved it and it had the codes and links all waiting for me to use for any site I wanted.