This Doesn’t Belong Here


This assignment was to take a scene from a movie and insert something that clearly is not supposed to be there. So I thought about one of my favorite movies “Coach Carter”, and since it is such a serious movie and the fact that is a true story. I thought it would be perfect and pretty funny to make it kind of a joke.

This specific scene is Coach Carter meeting his players for the first time, introducing himself and letting them know all the rules and guidelines that they need to follow. Laying down the law, and making sure everyone is on the same page.

So I decided to take a couple characters from the Minions movie and threw them in there as if they were also listening to the coach speak to the players. One of them taking some notes down, while the other is interrupting with questions.

To complete this assignment I found the picture of the scene on google, for the two minions I found their pictures on google also but I had to crop them from out of their pictures because it had ¬†backgrounds that simply wouldn’t go well with this movie. Then I used an online picture editor ( to edit the two pictures together and put the two minions in their places. Them simply saved it to my computer when I was finished.

Weekly Summary 11/12

These last two weeks weren’t to hard. I learned a lot more about Windows Movie Maker than I already knew. I liked the fact that I got to put my own creativity into the videos and use my topic or theme for them. I learned that I really like making montages and highlight videos, I was thinking about making another YouTube channel strictly for that and seeing how many views and subscribers I could get. I think it would be pretty cool, so I can actually say that these two weeks have broadened my horizons! And introduced me to something that I never thought I would like doing.

Daily Creates:

Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2

Daily Create #3

Daily Create #4

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Daily Create #6


Having a Conversation With Yourself

Play it backwards

Compilation Video

Sports Mashup

Moving Object

Having a Conversation With Yourself!

Here’s my assignment for “Have a Conversation With Yourself”. I wasn’t really excited about doing this because I am a very shy person and hate recording myself! I found it very awkward and weird having a conversation with myself I have no idea how Eddie Murphy or other actor could do this! I couldn’t think of a topic but then I thought, HEY! why not just make the topic about doing my ds106 videos? So that’s what I did, took me many many takes to do it, battery on my camera almost died it took so long. I finally got all the clips I needed and imported them to my computer simply via USB. Copied all of them into my Windows Movie Maker and rearranged them to how I needed and uploaded it to YouTube. I have to say after I recorded all my clips everything else was pretty simple.

I have to say it was super weird watching myself….talk.. to myself? lol

Play it Backwards!

I thought this video was funny when I was recording it of me playing with my nephews. But then after I reversed it and played it backwards I thought it was HILARIOUS. I don’t know what it is but seeing things in reverse makes them so much funnier.

I found and app for iPhones called “Vid Reverse”, it allows you to take a video from your phone and reverses the audio and video for you or one of the other if you would like. I would say that it came in super handy made this assignment much easier than expected. And also got a good laugh out of it!

NBA Compilation Video

The NBA Season has just recently started and already its off to an amazing start! The first few weeks have been very intense and there has been some exciting games. I picked and chose my favorite highlights so far which was crazy difficult. I can tell that it is going to be an exciting year for the NBA and the sport of basketball. If you don’t watch it I recommend giving it a chance, it is much more entertaining the other sports. Always constant action going on!

Making this was easy, I have really gotten the hang of Windows Movie Maker and editing the short clips. (I will be getting a MacBook soon so hopefully I learn iMovie just as easy!) Converting the videos from YouTube using a website ‘’ is simple and then I am able to do whatever I want with the clips. I hope I start to get a lot of views with my highlight tapes and compilation videos, I might have a nice YouTube page going!