Look. Listen. Analyze

The camera work in this scene I believe is perfect, they took the time and caught all of the best possible angles they could. The camera cut to different angles 38 times in the short 3 minute scene. They switched back and fourth between the main character and the dog in the passenger seat, as well as getting a good look at their surroundings such as the cities buildings and roads. Really captivates the emptiness of the apocalypse that he is going through.

The audio during the scene is very specific, there is no music being played during the whole clip. I believe they wanted the viewers to get that serious feeling because he’s the only person around besides his dog. Sound effects of the car, gun and his dog is all you hear besides his voice. Just listening to the audio you would believe that he is having a conversation with a living person when he’s actually not. Towards the end you can start to hear the many echoes of the city such as wind, and the loud noises from his gun shots.

During this powerful scene you get many different perspectives of view as well as the clarity in volume. The producers hit it spot on by making it completely silent and just letting Will Smith’s voice be the only thing heard other than the wind, it gives it a more serious outcome. Being in a zombie Apocalypse where he is all alone with his dog, there would be nothing going on besides nature so that it wouldn’t have been smart to add any other background noises.

All in all the once you listen to it without a picture, then watch it with no audio, you get two completely different sides of the scene.You focus on different things and when you can put it all together it all makes sense. Camera angles and perfect audio together make the perfect scene. In this scene they made sure to capture every point of view possible.