Weekly Summary #6

This week in Ds106 we got do more photography and design which I love! Reading different things about design really makes you wonder when is it going to stop, how far you can go before there is too much. But I realized there is no barriers on it. If you can think of it, you can design it, and add more and more onto it. There are many different categories that come with design like rhythm, balance, dominance and many more. Which I had no idea about, I didn’t know there was a long thought process being designs and pictures.

How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

  • I feel that this week I didn’t just put the media I was required but I added a lot more background to each of the assignments and I’m very satisfied with my work.

What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn?

  • Nothing really gave me trouble this week, it was more fun than anything. I enjoyed doing all of assignment bank designs! And I learned a whole new background on design.

What would you do differently? What questions to you have?

  • I don’t really know what I would do differently because I am very satisfies on how I did all of my assignments.


Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2

Daily Create #3

Daily Create #4




This assignment is Suspect

Love at first Shot

The Ultimate merger

DS106 Wallpaper

My Shoe Design

Radio Group:

Radio Group So Far



Radio Group SO FAR!

Our team has come together to form the name “The Digital StoryFellers” seeing as that is our name we are going to be having more of a story based radio show. We are going to work together on bringing cool short stories for all of you to enjoy. All of us are very excited for the upcoming weeks, I wonder what else we are going to come up with!

Digital Story Fellers



I was assigned to create a “DesignBlitz”. I had to take 4 categories out of 10 and get pictures to represent all of them. At first, I had no idea how to incorporate the categories into photos, but in the end I think! HOPEFULLY

COLOR: I took a picture of myself while I was waiting to play a basketball game. Because I noticed all of colors that I had on and the colors in the gymnasium, so I took a photo and it came out really cool. Everything really POPS!

UNITY: I thought it would be hilarious to set my two nephews in the trunk of my car. They were having a blast playing with a basketball and I thought to myself, I had to take a picture! I think that it is a perfect example of unity, because they are twins so together they are ONE.

FORM/FUNCTION/MESSAGE: I took a picture of my Associates Degree that I got in the mail this week, I thought that It would a great example of something that shows a message. I think that it tells a message to people that if you actually try you can do anything. I was a TERRIBLE high school student, I never thought I would be in college until I put my mind to it and got a degree, now I am working towards my bachelors.

USE OF SPACE: For this category I took a picture of a mix tape cover. For the simple fact that I think it is so cool how designers can put so many things into one small photo and make it look like more than it actually it.


Create A T-Shirt

Created a shirt of my favorite saying “Basketball is Life”. Just because it is a huge part in my life, I wouldn’t be in College right now if it wasn’t for basketball. It is how i got through school all of these years, helped me meet all of my friend, and has kept me out of a lot of trouble. I have no idea what I would be doing with now if it wasn’t for this amazing sport!

I made it by finding a blank jersey template. And I used a photo editor to put a picture of a basketball on it and simply add the text on the shirt. Changing the color of the font and adding the fade effect on the side came last.

basketball is life

This Assignment is Suspect

WHO STOLE MY APPLE PIE?!?!?! I have narrowed down my investigation to 5 different suspects. Suspect #1 Little Jayce, he is only a year old but don’t get it twisted he is a wild and sneaky one! He is the leading suspect because I believe he has the evidence all over his face. Suspects #2 and #3 I found them together and when these two get together there is nothing but trouble! I have been interrogating them for weeks now but neither will budge! Suspect #4 is Alexis, she’s my girlfriend who likes to steal my food all the time. She acts very sneaky when I ask her about my pie so she might be the culprit! Last but definitely not lease, the dog aka “Melo” whenever I am eating he sits right beside be and waits for me to share with him. I believe that he got tired of waiting for me and just stole my pie! The search continues but I WILL find the person/animal behind this.

How it did this, I juts found the picture from google and uploaded it to word. Added my own families pictures to it and used the paint drawing to put the lines between the pictures.



Love At First Shot


LJ and Alexis were strangers all through high school. Never a “hello”, wave or anything. They had a couple classes together yet still no communication between them. The reason for this was LJ was very shy. He thought that Alexis was the most beautiful girl in school, but he never spoke to her because he did not want to get embarrassed. He thought she would laugh at him and turn him down. So he kept his distance, until senior year came along. LJ had played basketball every year since he was a freshman, but this year something changed. Alexis his crush, became the boys’ basketball team manager. LJ was shocked and nervous because he knew now he would sometimes have to talk to her. But at the same time he thought to his self this is his chance, it was time to make his move! So he began to talk to her, they became amazing friends. LJ knew he had to tell her his feelings to he did, and shockingly she felt the same! They started to get closer and closer, and he finally asked her to be his girlfriend. Of course she said yes! They have been together since then and it’s now it’s coming up on 4 years and the couple couldn’t be happier with one another!