Photo Blitz

I chose to do my photo blitz in my mothers basement while I was home visiting. I chose to do it because their is so many random things going on throughout the house because of the grand kids and all of the family that comes in and out. It was weird at first because I was rushing around trying to make sure I got at least 5 pictures in the 20 minutes. But once I slowed down and started to just think of ideas they all came pretty easy to me. The photos that were the hardest were the converging lines picture and the metaphor photo, I couldn’t think of ANYTHING for those. After looking at the pool of photos I liked the ones of the Xbox and controller by “rmstanford 23”, the picture of the pencils by “adamlostonpatrol” , and the picture of the peach by “adoesneuropsych” just because they all were so simple but they were taken well enough to look like more than they were.

Link to my PhotoBlitz photos! Flickr PhotoBlitz

How To Be A Better Photographer









In this photo that I took, I used many of the key points mentioned. It is a simple picture but also has a lot in it, you can look far out into the distance or just look down at the beach, or just take it all in. Instead of taking a lot of different pictures, I slowed up and just took one photo, Which turned out much better than expected. I changed the lighting in it by focusing more on the sandy beach which brought out the colors in the whole photo. I would say that the 3 Key Points that I used were the “Get Pickier”, “Better Contrast Makes Better Stories” and the “Look to the light” but I also took a few more to make the picture even better. All of my resources came from the  “TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear” by David duChemin.



Bucket List



  1. First on my Bucket list is to marry my high school sweetheart of 4 years. A very big step in life, but I couldn’t see making it with anyone else.

2. My number two is to take a vacation to Atlantis in the Bahamas. This place is CRAZY! It has got to be one of the coolest vacation spots.

3. Might seem weird to some but my number 3 is to do a between the legs dunk. I can never get it, but before I die I will master it! HUGE accomplishment.

4. Last but certainly not least is to get tickets to an NBA All-Star game, seeing them on TV every year is so exciting I can’t imagine how it would be in person.


Weekly Summary #4

This week in DS106 wasn’t too bad, the weeks just seem to be flying by faster and faster as time goes on. The daily creates for this week were cool, I would say that the only difficult thing we had to do was the reflections. Just because of the fact that they were so long and I tend to fade out if something isn’t entertaining, so I kind of had to force myself to comprehend what they were talking about. Looking at other people blogs at first I was thinking like man I am way behind, because theirs looked so good but then I fixed my page up and I am getting better at working word press and using different plugins to get things done.

Along with looking at other classmate’s blogs, I checked out their posts and daily creates. I didn’t know that I would see so many different viewpoints of reflections. I see that the way that I understood something, someone else can see it a whole different way. I don’t think that some know that they have to approve their comments, because I left a few comments on post’s and went back to them and they were not there yet.

What I learned this week:

  • I learned that there are even more ways of storytelling not just categories like broadcasting, but the actual way HOW they tell the story, (sounds, music,).

What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most?

  • The only thing that I had trouble with this week was listening to the long videos, just because I have a hard time comprehending things after I lose interest.
  • What I enjoyed the most was easily the audio assignments. I am usually really shy but doing those they were pretty fun to make.

What would you do differently? What questions to you have?

  • What I would do differently is take notes while listening to the videos so that I make sure I can touch on every point at the end.
  • Don’t have any questions this week because everything was pretty self-explanatory.


Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2

Daily Create #3

Daily Create #4


Listening to Stories

Sound Effect Story

Radio Bumper

Video Reflections

Listening to Stories

The podcasts begin with Ira Glass talking to different students of Columbia University and seeing how they got accepted to the school. Some of the students said that it was because of what their application was based on or a sport they played (gymnastics). Other students said it was because of their GPA or high SAT scores. While he was introducing the story you could hear the background music playing, and they let the guy tell the story himself. But also while the story is being told you can hear random sound effects that don’t really go along with the way they are speaking. The voices change between a man and woman giving you better perspective so you can hear it but also get a visual of it in your head.

Sound Effect Story

I chose to do my sound effect story of my morning routine after I wake up! It was pretty funny while making this, sense I couldn’t do any vocal sounds.


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DS106 Radio Bumper

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Radio Bumper for our DS106 radio station!