Weekly Summary #3

This week in DS106 flew by rather fast! I think it is cool how it doesn’t even feel like it’s a class, more like a big community that learns more and more about each other every day. I would say that it is going pretty well so far but definitely not perfect. Trying to learn all the tricks and trades of my blog is harder than I thought it would be. Tweaking everything to get it just right takes a long time for me for some odd reason. The fact that we get to put our own spin on most of the assignments has to be the best part. Also looking at others to see how they went about explaining their meaning of storytelling, I realize that everyone has their own definition for it.

How well do I feel I completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

  • I feel that I completed them correctly and really enjoyed adding my personal thoughts to them, it really makes the assignments more fun to do.

What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn?

  • What gave me the most trouble this week was only trying to put the 5 Photos for my story on my page. The editor on the dashboard was really hard and annoying, it isn’t like Microsoft word where you can move the pictures around in a perfect spot where you want them. It was by far the most frustrating thing I have done so far. I wish it was more user friendly than it is.
  • What I enjoyed the most was getting to put my own spin on the assignments.
  • I learned a lot about Storytelling as a whole and how it combines to Digital Storytelling. While also learning about the other students definitions of storytelling and what it means to them in their lives.

What would you do differently? What questions to you have?

  • The only thing I would differently is try to add my photos on a different way because the editor on the dashboard is really difficult when you are adding media, well in my experience. I also have one question, how do I just set my main page to being my “About me” page then having to click the categories to go to the other content I have added?


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Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

Tell a Story in 5 Frames

The Shape of Stories

Storytelling to Me

Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

I chose the story “A Television Life”, I couldn’t find the authors name just “admin”. The story was funny because he wrote it based on a television’s point of view. He gave the TV its own personally and character which made it cool and different from others. There really wasn’t much else to it though, he told the story of a TV’s life from start when it was brand new fresh out the box, to the end when it was outdated and time for the owner to upgrade. This is definitely a story of its own and not of anything larger. This isn’t something you would look into with deep thought, it’s more just to entertain you for a quick moment.

Link to Story: http://internet.jackhylan.net/ds106/a-television-life/


Much Deserved

My story in 5 frames, I don’t want to explain it because I would like for the photos to speak for themselves!

photo 1







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The Shape of Stories

When Vonnegut was explaining the most popular story of having highs and lows. I immediately thought of A LOT of movies that I had seen with the same exact plot. The movie I chose is one of my favorites, “Coach Carter”. It’s about a group of high school kids that live in the projects, they don;t really have much, the only thing they can count on is basketball. They never won many games but that didn’t matter because being on the court was their only get away.  Then Coach Ken Carter comes along as a brand new coach and turns them into winners and helps them see the light, that they can do more in life and get out of the projects and make their lives better. This is a perfect example of what Vonnegut was saying in his exercise.

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A different example of Digital Story telling that I recently seen is a video on YouTube describing how the basketball life goes in Washington, DC and the DMV area. Devin Williams a famous basketball trainer travels around the U.S going to different states, learning how the basketball scene goes. Here is a Link to the video, Check it Out!