The Ultimate Merger

Nike x YouTube Collaboration, I present “Just YouTube It”. I chose these two because they both play a huge part in my life. I’m on YouTube everyday and I can’t seem to get enough of Nike’s shoes! Enjoy

DS106 Wallpaper

DS106 Wallpaper with a galaxy theme because anything is possible in this class, Your work can go as far as your imagination will let it. Ds106 gives you the chance to be creative and put your own spin on everything. You get to make the assignments your own. This is why I chose the space theme because there is no barrier on what you want to do!

To make this I simply took a galaxy themed picture that I found on google images. Then I used a photo editor to add the “Ds106” texts in the middle. I added the bar and star afterwards, the I thought that if I made the opacity lower it would make the effect look even more “spacely “and I really like how it came out.


My Shoe Design

This by far had to be the best assignment so far, because shoes are like my passion. I been collecting them for the last 3-4 years and I just can’t get enough of them. Buying and selling is a great hobby to have if you know what your doing you can make a lot of money of of it. When I seen this was a assignment I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I took one of my favor sneaker silhouettes the “Kyrie 1” and made a memorable piece for my grandmother who died when I was a kid. So these are for her and I know she’d love them. I chose to make the shoe predominately red because it was her favorite color, the gold Nike check and Logo to represent the jewelry she would wear and the pink lining because she had breast cancer.


Weekly Summary #5

This week is DS106 I actually learned something new about myself that I never would have thought. I really like photography. I never actually paid attention to it until it was assigned to me. I love how pictures are taken, the different ways they can be shot, all of the different stories that they tell. Being able to take one simple still photo, but yet you see so many other ways of looking at it is amazing. Along with that I learned how to become a better photographer which will help out my blog tremendously and hopefully get a couple more likes on Instagram! Haha. At first it was a bit of a challenge to think about what to take pictures of but once I thought of one they all just came rushing to my head.

The Assignments this week were very fun, it gave me a chance to be as creative as I could be. Which at first I thought I had ZERO creativity what’s so ever, but I started to see things in my head and get ideas that were pretty cool. From making the poster of Steph Curry to doing the Photo Blitz I enjoyed.

I was also cool to look at everyone else’s pictures that they had taken because I like to compares mine to theirs. I don’t know why but everything tome is a competition mine has to be better than someone else’s! But I have to admit after seeing theirs mine came 2nd to a lot of them. But I didn’t mind because the way that I see something, isn’t the same way that they see it. That showed in our pictures.

I didn’t have any issues with anything this week, I figured out everything that I needed to. Flickr took a little time but I got through it. It’s all a learning process and I’m getting better and better.


Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2

Daily Create #3

Daily Create #4


Flickr Set

Photo Blitz

How to be a better Photographer


Bucket List

Sports Poster

Flickr Set

Favorite Set

These are just a select few of my favorite pictures so far for this semester. I expect for it to expand more and more over time. I chose these ones simply because they describe my life the best out of all of the others.


I chose to use a Potato as my random object sitting around my house. I changed it into… I bet you can already guess by looking at my page. Yep a basketball! Haha. I also made it into a little Goku Character off of Dragon Ball Z.. Well I tried. apophenia_21760178362_o